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Tattoo Needles – They Are The Point Of The Whole Process [2011-06-27]

Tattooing is very popular among men and women, and this entire process involves choosing a tattoo, the location on your body that you desire to have it displayed, and finding a reputable tattoo artist. The people that perform the task of creating an image on your skin are considered artist because they create an artistic image on your skin. These artists use ink and tattoo needles to create these images.

Tattoos are created using process and a machine that helps to create the image. This machine consists of several parts, including the needles, the coil wrap, the grip, and the tips. The machine uses grommets and rubber rings to hold it together.

Along with the machine there will also be other items required. The device requires a power source and a foot pedal to operate the device. There are several different styles of these machines and the one that is selected is entirely a personal preference of the tattoo artist. Before starting the procedure of creating the tattoo the artist will need to verify that the machine is properly hooked up and operating.

While disposable, the tattoo needles are a very important part of the machine. They must always, always be sterilized. Because of the risk of infection, many artists opt to buy pre-packaged needles that come in pre-sterilized packages. There are ways to sterilize the needles before use, but this is the safest way to make sure that your customer will have the lowest risk of infection possible.

As the artist gets farther along into their tattooing career, they will most likely have at least two machines set up to be used. One will be designated as a liner machine, and the other will be used as a shader. It is easier for the artist to have different machines setup to do different things so that they will not have to spend the time preparing the machines while tattooing.

An artist will use the liner to trace the outer edge of the tattoo, much like you might trace the outer edge of a picture in a coloring book. The shader is then used to fill in the image. Typically thee liner needles tend to be smaller than the shader needles.

There is also different size needles used with the shading process; this is based on the amount of detail that is desired. The needles that are used for shading is also up to the preference of the particular artist. Some artists prefer round needles while others would rather use flat needles.

The needle packages are usually labeled with abbreviations to identify the type of needle that is contained in the package. An RS on a package identifies that the needle is a round shadier, while a RL would identify a round liner. The needles are also set up in different manners, one manner is a cylindrical manner known as a round set up. A straight line of needles is known as a flat set up.

The artist creates the image and is responsible for the overall appearance, but without tattoo needles the process would not be possible. The needles are like a paint brush without it the artist can’t create the image. It is also important to remember that the needles should be thrown away once they have been used.