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How to Wrap Tattoo Coils for Tattoo Machines [2011-07-28]

Tattoo coils are often compared to the heart of tattoo machines, which determine how much power goes into the machine and the frequency of the needles. In the market, you can find different types of tattoo coils that are designed for various parts of tattoo designs. Usually, tattoo artists will use 8 coils machines to draw outlines of tattoos, but you are suggested to get 10 wrap coils, which works pretty better for both shading and lining.

I’ve seen someone wrap tattoo coils all by his bare hands, but to get it done by a coil-winding machine will be a better choice. Things can be done in a much easier way.

Insert your plastic bobbin into that machine before wrapping and start from the underneath of the tattoo coil. Grab the wrap by one hand, and wind a small portion of the wire around the plastic bobbin. Remember to put the bobbin in a proper place, testing which by moving the machine’s level to one side and closing the protective glass door. Till now, you’ve done all the preparing work, so you can start the machine now.

The machine will allow the wire to coil around the bobbin. The layers of the wire wrapping on the tattoo coil will have affections on its specific function. That’s why you should pay much attention to that. When the bobbin is full, wrap the end by a piece of black electrical tape, so that it’ll have less electro conductibility in future using. If there is still any excess wire, just snip it off.

The next thing for you is to place the inner iron core inside the bobbin. You can use a vice or some other tools like that to press it through the hole in the bobbin. Insulate the tattoo coils with black shrink-wrap making sure they won’t conduct electricity when using. You may find it difficult to set an appropriate size for the shrink-wrap. In this case, you can use a flat edge to score that. After that, wrap the shrink-wrap around the tattoo coils and get a heat source adhere to the coils.
That’s it. You’ve successfully wrap a tattoo coil for your tattoo machine, and it’s indeed not that difficult as you think. Try it now