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What is A Good Tattoo Kit [2010-07-19]

What does a good tattoo kit mean? A good tattoo kit must have passed the sanitation standard. As tattoo needles will be in contact with your body, making sure that it is clean and sterilized to protect yourself from getting infections. The last thing will probably happen when getting a tattoo is getting some disease because of the kits or the needles. Although it may sound unlikely but there are reported diseases and cases that people get infections and sick because of unclean tattoo needles and tattoo kits.

An ideal tattoo kit should be equipped with tattoo needles, tattoo ink, power supplies, grips, cleansing tools, and practice skins. Tattoo needles are used for indenting the ink into the skin, needles of stainless steel and come in two uses, one for outlining the tattoo and another for shading. Tattoo guns are also for the same uses, finding a tattoo kit that contains two different guns so as to be easier for you since you don’t have to swap the needle of the gun from time to time.

An ideal kit, whether for professional or amateurs, should also come with a tattoo machine. A tattoo machine makes use of a line of electromagnetic coils that would help change the needle bars’ positions and move them up and down over the surface of skin. As the bars move, the desired ink is injected to the skin, creating a permanent mark. Tattoo machines run on alternating current, the steady flow of electric current helps the person to have a steady motion on imprinting the ink into the skin; the coils of the machine can also help control the amount of ink being produced so that the tattoo results will have a perfect vivid color, shade, and come very detailed. The design of the tattoo is perfected with the help of a tattoo machine; it also avoids the occurrence of smudging and unbalanced colors.

The cleansing apparatus of the tattoo kit is also important, professional tattoo kits would come with a machine to clean and sterilize your needles while other tattoo kits would come with chemicals and tools for manual cleaning. Even if you’re opening a small scale tattoo parlor, going the extra mile to order a cleaning machine would do great help for you. Some machines would also compartments for you to store and organize the needles, guns, and ink. Such an ultrasonic cleaner will be a good choice.