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  • Redtop Tattoo Supply New Beginning     [2018-05-31]

    Redtop Tattoo Supply Co Ltd have own new building after 15 years operation in tattoo industry. This is also a new beginning to the way of industry benchmark,which make us more quick,more quality and more professional. Welcome to visit our new building,new office,new warehouse and new manufacturing plant.


    Hi, Thanks for visiting our homepage,we have moved to all-new homepage now. Please go to view our all-new homepage: Thank you.

  • HP-3 Hurricane Tattoo Power Supply     [2013-03-07]

    HP-3 is another new creative product in 2013 from Redtop tattoo supply after HP-1 and HP-2.In order to meet customer's demand,we take a long time to research and study until the most advanced power supply HP-3 coming out.HP-3 is a high-end power supply with screen touch technology,it will lead tattoo power to be a new age. HP-3 improved based on HP-2,but its screen touch is unique.SW button for change machine A and B, Special RCA clip for Special machine,new design mini portable tattoo station is a expanded products from HP-3,it will help you feel good and work be...

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year     [2012-12-25]

    Dear  Customers, Thanks for your surport and trust in the past year,wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Safe Tattoo Application Techniques     [2012-07-20]

    Tattoos really are a good offer more standard nowadays than at any other time in history. Tats are merely decorative markings in your epidermis like signs, symbols, or letters. The represents are employed for the epidermis by puncturing the skin's external layer and injecting color. These times tattoo guns are identified since the pretty best instrument for tattooing. The gun moves pretty swiftly and is also sharp adequate to puncture your epidermis with ease. When your epidermis is ripped and jerked instead of punctured with precision, the resulting tattoo can lookup terrible...

  • About The Tattoo Needles     [2012-06-14]

    A tattoo is given to a personality's body with the assistance of tattoo needles to insert tattoo ink into the skin. When the needles return and forth within the skin, undoubtedly you may feel painful. somebody who'd wish to get a tattoo boggle at the thought of that pain. However, the full method isn't that terrible as you're thinking that, and here i will be able to share my very own expertise with you. Hope it will assist you endure the worry of tattoo needles. Before I even have my 1st tattoo, i used to be worrying whether or not the tattoo needles ca...

  • Tattoo needs careful     [2012-06-07]

    Scarring or keloids can typically type with facial or compose tattooing. many of us are susceptible to keloids however all tattooing can cause some tiny level of scarring. the largest drawback this causes for facial tattooing is that when this scar tissue rises or puffs up round the eyes or lips the realm becomes red and itchy. The redness is very noticeable when the tattooing has been placed round the eyes because the swelling is incredibly noticeable and sometimes embarrassing Another common drawback is that an individual seeking permanent makeup can typically visit a tatto...

  • Chinese tattoos and tattoo needles temptation     [2012-05-29]

    Spend a number of minutes surfing cyberspace for info on Chinese tattoos and you'll quickly notice a recurring theme warning the would be tattoo recipient to confirm they apprehend somebody reliable who will accurately translate the that means before they solely go ahead a slap one on. there's even a whole blog dedicated to the misuse of those characters. causes you to surprise regarding all the days you questioned into a tattoo artist's workshop and flipped through the many Chinese tattoos out there craving for that excellent one that symbolized your life on this plane...

  • Tattoo Machine To Choose Their Own     [2012-04-26]

    Every artist out there, or anybody in any occupation for that matter, understands how the purpose they create is largely dependent upon the best quality within of the tools that theyre using. Just like a carpenter desires the precise hammer to effectively hammer a toenail in smoothly, a tattoo artist has to possess a tattoo machine that will give the customer the purpose theyre searching for and offers a smooth, at ease knowledge for equally parties. One within of one of the most beneficial methods to locate out what type of tattoo machine will probably run properly for you i...

  • Some Things About The Tattoo Needles     [2012-04-20]

    There are several factors that take place to be required with a tattoo artist to create a tattoo. Like a tattoo gun, needles, energy provide as well as several other things. Needles is just one probably the most critical factors to create a tattoo. Needle may be the element that is employed to create a hole all through your epidermis for the customer to ensure the fact that color in inserted. Needles are actually of two types. The initial type will be the non disposable ones. These needles could be sterilised right after being used. Autoclave is utilized to sterilise ...

  • Do you know the usage of the tattoo needles     [2012-04-09]

    Many cultures exercise tattooing and have for countless centuries. The methods range from conventional instruments of wooden and inks derived from facilities in the direction of present artificial inks and automated tattoo guns. The present art needs safeguards to keep away from it from getting a source of condition transmission. Most tattooing guns use disposable needles and guns that could possibly be autoclaved amid uses. Replacing the needle for every single customer is not tough but is a essential task to retain the customer safe from infection. Tattoo needles pric...

  • Introduction of Tattoo machine common sense     [2012-03-26]

    The quality of the tattoo machine is not in proportion to their prices,, but depends on The best material for making a tattoo machine is cast iron. coils belonging using the shader are commonly larger than that of liner. Usually, there are two types of tattoo machines, a single is dual-kits, as well as the other is mixed single-kit. These two tattoo equipments are most commonly seen kinds during work. Dual-kits contain a liner and a shader, every using a different division of use and function. While mixed single-kit, as its name implies, is a single wholly set of t...

  • About tattoo inks     [2012-03-19]

    Get inked in places not authorized could be damaging to your health. First of all, when the operating and hygienic conditions are bad and when the material used is not sterile, you may be exposed to the probability of contracting diseases. It may happen how the use of low-quality tattoo inks causes allergic reactions. For obtaining inked refer only to professional tattoo studios which can provide a sanitary authorisation. I Max global was the first company which has completely passed the rigorous European requirements relating to tattoo inks, the EU resolution ResAP (2008)1. T...

  • Tattoo Supplies     [2012-03-12]

    Professional tattoo supplies for high quality tattoos. Quality products for your best tattoo results. High color strength that makes tattoo and tattoo color intensity final longer. Any performer sets high worth on his supplies. Be it a painter or a tattoo artist, in absence of his equipments he cannot finish his craft work. A qualified and trustworthy tattoo supplier will provide all the necessary tattoo equipment ensuring product quality. Always put on gloves. Generally they arrive with each tattoo kit. For hygienic reasons, its advised to put on new gloves every time the t...

  • Best Tattoo Gun     [2012-03-08]

    In a well-equipped tattoo studio you will find a large amount of tattoo equipments, this form of as tattoo chairs, tattoo couches, ultrasonic cleaners, sharps medical waste containers, autoclaves including a lot more. A tattoo gun is definitely in the essential instrument in a expert tattoo studio. typically a tattoo artist has different machines for lining, shading and colouring. as a consequence the tattooist doesn’t waste time to reset as well as to adjust a tattoo gun all through a tattoo session, if he really wants to adjust from lining to filling or shading. it might be adva...

  • Higher quality Tattoo equipment     [2012-03-08]

    A common rule for all tattoo artists is: use only higher quality tattoo equipment and sterile material. Every tattoo artist, it doesn’t matter if beginner or professional, needs a quality tattoo machine with a reliable strength supply. Only in this way it is possible to achieve a excellent result. Tattoo equipment of excellent quality contains a longer life and rarely you are likely to have got trouble. In the course of your time quality pays off. Use only sterile disposable tattoo needles. And most importantly: Never use them twice!! The tattoo needle have to be repla...

  • Tattoo supplies     [2012-02-27]

            Tattooing is among the the oldest and most eye-catching type of whole body art, this type of whole body decoration is identified as long-lasting whole body modification. usually a coil as well as a rotary appliance is utilized for undertaking tattoo. In each instances the tattoo appliance drives the needle up and right down extremely quickly even although the tattoo artist follows the traces of the design. on this treatment your dermis will get perforated as well as the <a href="">tattoo ink&...

  • Select The Tattoo Supplies     [2012-02-22]

    There are many brands of tattoo ink & tattoo supplies to choose from. Since not all are of good quality, it is necessary to know what is important when choosing among the numerous tattoo ink & tattoo supplies. Not only will working with good tattoo ink & tattoo supplies be pleasurable for the artist, but also the customers will be happy and a good reputation means more business. When choosing tattoo ink & tattoo supplies it is very important to make sure that only high quality materials are purchased. This is because lower quality and cheaper tattoo ink & tat...

  • Guidelines in Buying Tattoo Machines     [2012-02-14]

      If you are looking for luxury Las Vegas homes, the time is now. Are you looking to invest in wow gold a luxury Las Vegas homes that fits your lifestyle? For a condo purchase at the lowest price, under the best possible terms, visit the TNP Las Vegas Residential website at or call 877.867.6521. For investors and potential homebuyers who are looking for luxury Las Vegas homes may be the answer. Head aches or migraines . So its imperative that you balance the both. I believe the soundclips play at buy wow gold 7:45, but I can't recall. Depression. ...

  • Learn About Tattoo Needles - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You     [2012-02-07]

      So you have an on going interest in the field of tattooing? This is excellent.There are not many who do it well. It is important to understand the tools you will be using on your quest to put designs on the skin of others. Even if you do not plan on becoming a tattoo artist yourself. It is still good to have some knowledge about the whole process. Read on to learn about tattoo needles. First, what are they really? It is important to know that a tattoo needle is generally not just one but a few all put together. Yes! This means multiples are coming together...

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