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HP-3 Hurricane Tattoo Power Supply [2013-03-07]

HP-3 is another new creative product in 2013 from Redtop tattoo supply after HP-1 and HP-2.In order to meet customer's demand,we take a long time to research and study until the most advanced power supply HP-3 coming out.HP-3 is a high-end power supply with screen touch technology,it will lead tattoo power to be a new age.

HP-3 improved based on HP-2,but its screen touch is unique.SW button for change machine A and B, Special RCA clip for Special machine,new design mini portable tattoo station is a expanded products from HP-3,it will help you feel good and work better.

Besides,every HP-3 with own code and Laser anti-counterfeiting labels for sales record and after service.

Notice: HP-3 is a independent innovation products,we have got patent on design,package and trademark,all rights reserved,please get it by legal way.