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Power Supply [2010-07-20]

Tattoo power supply is very important for a tattoo machine as the tattoo machine is important for your tattoo work. So you should pay much attention to choose decent tattoo power supplies.
1. Determine the required voltage. Tattoo Power Supply has a variety of different output voltage range with some as low as 3 and the height of the ability to run 12 to 15. Some portable power supply is also up to 1.5 V and greater high-low up to 20 volts. The higher the voltage, the more power you can get.
3. Decided to electricity supply. You can find two models of control and unregulated analog and digital power. Depending on your level of trust and the type of output power time you like, you want to see each type available. A digital readout would be more accurate, easier to read when you work, but they often with higher prices.

2. Consider the size, weight and portability. If you do not have a lot of space in your stores, or you travel frequently as a guest artist with a more compact unit, you must give special consideration to the overall weight of the machine and how to carry.
5. Taking into account the conventional tattoo machine. Some tattoo power supply can only suggest that the coil tattoo equipment operation, while the other can be used for rotating machinery, there are two kinds that can be used.

4. Think about volatility. Generating capacity at any given time in a tattoo may change under the pressure to be used as a tattoo needle through the skin. Many conditioners will help to compensate for these fluctuations, while others may not.

6. And the price. You will discover that the price ranges from US$ 10 – 100 and generally, the more expensive, the better quality. In your decision, you should first carefully consider the above 5 factors and then choose the cheapest one.
7. Consider the tattoo machine number. Many people like to set up tattoo artists lined a single machine, the other is the shadow. It has a convenient power source that allows you to plug in two machines and just a switch of a switch back and forth between them.
In conclusion, when purchasing a tattoo power supply, just take two factors into consideration – High Quality and Fair Price.