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Troubleshooting Installation of Tattoo Needles into Tattoo Machines [2011-07-04]

As tattooing becomes a popular trend among young people, more and more products ontattoos online are available now. The most critical things should the tattoo machines and tattoo needles which are two basic tools for tattooing. However, beginners always have various problems in use. The most universal one should be the installation of tattoo needles into tattoo machines. Today, let’s troubleshoot this essential core of the whole tattoo practice.

In fact, the installation of tattoo machine needles is quite easy. (1) Adjust your tattoo machine into the best working condition which could be told from the clear strong working sound and high speed with powerful torsion. (2) Check the tip of tattoo needle to see if it's ok without damage. (3) Use special device to remove the top hat 3 in order to take off the tip. (4) Insert the needle from the top of the tube and hang it onto the position of contact screw, then make it fixed to the top hat grommet.