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Applying Safe Tattoo By Tattoo Machines [2011-07-27]

A tattoo machine is a hand-held gadget that helps in designing a tattoo. It has the shape of a gun and it everlastingly marks the skin with ink. The first tattoo machine was invented by Thomas Edison in the year 1870. But due to its imperfection, Edison used it as an engraving machine, and subsequently started a series of modernization of this machine to help the artists achieve designs without compromise. Now machines that use electromagnetic coils to move the needle bar back and forth are used. The latest tattoo machines help the artist in controlling the entire tattooing process from the speed of the needles to its depth and force. Irrespective of the size and design you or your artist might have, this machine is the only exact and effectual way to achieve it.

For the artist’s convenience, there are machines that are used to apply single color and there are some tattoo machines that apply more than one color. Due to their high demand, companies have started manufacturing these machines to offer a range to choose from. Then there are usual ones that are just the advanced version of the conventional needles, whereas others have built in pulse which can pierce the skin almost 3000 times/minute!

The main reason of the popularity of this machine is that they are very consistent. Their consistency is guaranteed to be better than manual needles, irrespective of the skills of the tattoo artist. Even the finest tattoo artist is never 100% sure about his needle’s uniformity, so both you and your artist should refrain from taking this risk. To help the artist in his uniformity, the machines were invented. There are some machines that execute almost 4000 times/minute implying that the image is sketched onto the skin with the minutest of detail. Another advantage of these machines is that they are very quiet. No wonder most of the tattoo parlors use these machines.

Proper maintenance and care is the utmost thing to be kept in mind with regard to these machines- only then they will be able to create stunning and high quality tattoos.