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What Tattoo Equipment is Necessary for Beginners [2011-03-09]

When you are a beginner in the field of tattooing, the options that are available can be quite confusing. One of the best ways to know what tattoo equipment you need, is to go for a tattoo kit. Each kit will be different from the other, depending on the brand and also if it is for a professional or beginner. Therefore to make sure what kind of tattoo equipment is there in the kit, you should look for the following:

Tattoo machine: There are two options in tattoo machine- it can either be a liner or a shader. The machine should also have accessories like power supply and foot switch.

Ink: You can have 3 to 12 colors offered in your kit. Ensure that the colors are of superior class as only good ink will help the tattoos turn out the way you want them to be.

Tattoo needles: These should be present in two sets and should be suitable for the machine.

Ink cup Holder: The kit should possess an ink cup holder so that it is convenient to keep the inks handy.

Transfer paper: A good beginner’s kit will always have a transfer paper so that it helps in transferring designs to the client’s skin. The kit will also have some practice skin with a drawing pencil for sketching.

Design books: For beginners, a design book is a must to be offered your customers till you have your own extensive collection.

Apart from this there are some important aspects to be taken care of, while going for a tattoo kit. Quality and safety are the two most important factors which should not be compromised while investing in a tattoo kit. Always opt for a reputed brand which guarantees safety and durability. Also the kit should have best value ink. Ensure that the ink should not fade before time. Plus the needles and tubes in the kit should be in disinfected throwaway forms. And finally all these supplies should be made of advanced quality material, which is defiant to corrosion and dampness.

So investing in a kit saves your time and money. The kit is usually priced low and also saves your time as you don’t have to hunt for each item separately as every thing required is included in the kit.