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Low Pro Tattoo Needles diffferent then others. [2011-01-14]

How do I start to begin with this topic? My name is Eddie Tana and am the owner of OC Tattoo Inc in Orange County California. Well I have been tattooing for over 15 years now and when I started tattooing back then there were no such thing as pre-made tattoo needles available. So back then all of us tattoo artist would make our tattoo needles with just loose long tapered needles , a needle bar , some lead free solder and some stay clean flux . I made a lot of different styles and tested them out over and over and over again till I mastered the best possible way that works for me. A lot of my friends in the industry gave me tips on how they liked there needles but for me I loved the way my set up was. then about 8 maybe 9 years later I see pre-made tattoo needles being created. I felt like a old fart tattoo artist because I refused to use the pre-made needles. I wasn’t use to the way they were grouped, but after a while I gave in and started using them damn ” saves a bunch of time ” they were ok but, I always complained about how the tattoo needle grouping was. So I design Low Pro tattoo needles to the way I like tattoo needles to be grouped, not everyone agrees on they way they are group but when you take your time and try them it packs ink in with ease and less trauma to the skin. Makes my life of tattooing so much easier and faster… I’m not saying that I am the creator of this style of grouping the tattoo needles but these tattoo needles are not like any other tattoo needles you may find on the market for example the Low Profile tattoo needles come in round grouping such as tight, loose, and even regular. If you have been tattooing for some time you would know how the regular tattoo needles differ from tight and loose grouping tattoo needles. The way that Low Profile Magnum tattoo needles are soldered makes a huge difference in the way that the ink is laid in the skin. The solder on the Low Profile Magnum tattoo needles are brought up closer to the needle points to give the needle more stability and less flex. This makes the tattoo needle stay in place and puncture the skin much easier and doing the one pass tattooing.