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Why and How to Care Tattoo Machines? [2011-02-14]

Tattoos got very popular among the young who want be show their unique personalities, especially those exquisite and delicate tattoo designs, which are often made by good quality tattoo machines, are very attractive to them. Lots of those tattoo fans may have already got their own machines and started learning the whole process of tattoo practice. However, tattoo starters may not pay that much attention to taking good care of tattoo machines and some of them may even don?t understand the importance of maintaining carefully.


Definitely, caring tattoo machines has significant meaning. Tattooing is a very fine and delicate working process which requires vibrating needles moving back and forth with the rate of 50 to 3000 times per minute, penetrating into the skin to insert tattoo ink to accomplish an awesome tattoo design. The continuous movement of the needles during the tattooing process could damage both the springs and contact screws, which are usually regarded as machine wearing. Besides this, tattoo machine parts could easily get rusted as most of them are made by stainless materials. Therefore, tattoo machines require cautious care to maintain their high efficiency and good quality of finished tattoo arts.


So, how to care tattoo machines? How to take action when tattoo machines break down without any indication?


   When you run into a sudden stop right in the middle of the tattoo processing, take it easy, check the power pack of the machine. Under most circumstance, it?s due to cutting off the power suddenly. If the power turns to be normal, just follow the steps listing below: check the connection of screws, especially the tension screw and tightening screw. Also inside the body of tattoo machines there might be some bad wires and coils which could cause the pause.