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Basics of Tattoo Needles [2010-12-22]

With the introduction of special tattoo needles, tattooing is made very simple. Tattoo needles are a group of some small needles called sharps that are attached to a needle bar. They are referred to as group, liner, round, single, flat, shader and also as magnum. You’ll come across a number of people not going in for tattooing due to the pain involved, and also because of their health concerns. In order to get a clear picture about these needles we need to know about them in depth.

Tattoo needles are available in 2 types, reusable needles and disposable needles. Initially, reusable needles were commonly used which resulted in numerous health conditions after tattooing. But it is also justified that these needles, if sterilized properly, are very safe. So if you intend to go for a reusable needle then you have to make sure that they follow the 2 methods of sterilization, which is Autoclave and Ultrasonic cleaning.

Due to awareness about some dreadful diseases like AIDS which are transmitted by blood, a new type of disposable needle was introduced and they were measured to be 100% secure in all possible ways. Still before the procedure of tattooing starts, the quality of these needles should be properly checked in order to avoid any type of infections.

These needles can be in a group of 3 to 7 or more and either of them could be required to fine tune a tattoo. Since these needles are a crucial part in tattooing, so the artists use them only once or twice and dispose them, even the reusable ones, so that they get a perfect procedure. Once you have a proper needle it should be soldered onto the bar. Bars are of 2 types. One is shader and the other is liner. The end of the shader is flat and that of the liner is round. The liner helps in drawing designs on the skin whereas the shader packs the spaces between the lines.

In today’s world, tattoos have become a style statement that is followed by young and even the old. So if all the information provided above is kept in mind, you are sure to get an infection free tattoo to cherish forever.