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Are Tattoo Machines Necessary When It Comes to Tattooing? [2011-12-26]


Statistics are beginning to reveal there has been an influx in the amount of people that are opting to obtain a tattoo, or that already have a tattoo of some kind. Tattoo machines have made it possible for individuals to obtain tattoos without any qualms, and these machines actually cut down on some of the pain factor as well.

However, remember that even though these tattoo machines can help eliminate some of the pain that is associated with tattooing, the pain factor is still eminent. These machines utilize a single needle in which they pierce through an individuals skin.

The guns are primarily electronic, they contain a single needle which will pierce through an individuals skin in order to apply ink to the region. At the end of the needle, there is a small openings where ink is ejected into your skin. Primarily there are two different types of needles that artists utilize in their guns.

The first needle type is used to draw the outline of the picture that an individual is opting to get. Normally the outline of a tattoo is done in black ink. During this process of obtaining a tattoo the picture is being sketched onto the body.

The other needle will be used for the initial shading process. However, this shading process normally takes the most time when the tattooing is being done. These machines have made it possible for the tattooing process to be done in a quicker motion.

There are still places where an individual can obtain a tattoo that is not drawn on with one of these tattoo machines. Even though the lack to utilize one of these machines is seen odd, and a lot more painful some cultures make it mandatory that individuals do not utilize one of these machines for one reason or another.

The alternative way to have a tattoo performed is through using a special tattoo machines that is normally a hammer and a sharp object. This process can be extremely painful, but there are some cultures that utilize this means of tattooing in order to clarify a rite of passage with some cultures. Rite of passage means that the procedure can be used in order to welcome a boy into adulthood.

The first tattoo gun was created in 1870, and believe it or not it was actually made by Thomas Edison on accident. The machine was not meant to be used for tattoos, it was actually meant to be an engraving machine but in 1890 an individual realized that this same machine could be used to engrave pictures on an individuals body.

Throughout the years these machines have undergone a plethora of changes in order to become what they presently are today. Tattoo artists are able to utilize the guns in order to carry out the tattooing process expediently.

You will need to ensure that the gun that is being used utilizes sterilized needles. If these needles are not sterilized they can run a lot of health risks that can be detrimental.