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China Tattoo Machine

Permanent Make-up machine

  • Product Name:  Permanent Make-up machine
  • Model NO.:  RT-MUP2014
  • Origin:  CHINA
  • Packing:  CARTON
  • Brand Name:  REDTOP
  • Delivery Time:  2Days
  • Minimum Order:  1pcs
  • Supply Ability:  500pcs/month
  • Product Details:  Permanent Make-up machine

Tattoo Machines - This one is like a heavy gun! Customers claim they have gotten tattoos for a much cheaper price and wonder why it is so much more expensive for brows or lips. Why? Because our products are gentle and soft, and our machines prevent trauma to the face. Body parts are much different. The wrist action involved with other machines causes a repeated “flex” that over time is damaging to the technician’s hand and wrist area. Talk about Carpal Tunnel! Our machines are designed to keep both technician and client comfortable.